Sometimes all you need is a little perspective, from a female that is…

F. Makayla Bejermi

Image Consultant

Ever since I can remember I’ve had had the compulsive habit of skillfully gracing men with advice and support on appearance and behaviour. I can’t shake it. My persistent faith tells me all men can be great.

Why you ask? How could a woman possibly know what’s going on in the mind of a man… little own know their style and behaviour? Likes and dislikes. I see so many men struggle and I know I can help them. In fact, I’m certain. I always have. I’ve had the honour of being the go-to for many of the people in my life and with a little guidance, most men, armed with the right knowledge will become empowered to feel and be their best in a world that demands it.

My diverse background in Communications, to working for some of the biggest retailers like Sephora as a skincare consultant and as a men’s stylist at All Saints compels me to help individuals like you get a head start.

Passion and the irresistible urge guides me to aid in the simplest areas because I know those small changes make huge differences and something tells me you agree. More than just a fashion guide or stylist, my interest is to enable you to gain the respect you deserve, take the bull by the horns and be the man you’ve always wanted to be.

This is the modern man’s central hub to become greater, period.