one-on-one coaching & services

Every package begins with an initial overview of your

personal style goals, an in-depth questionnaire

and image evaluation

Here’s what you get from the one-on-one services


Personalized education on style to be able to select and create contemporary and timeless outfits moving forward
Learn what colors and styles are most suitable and flattering for your skin tone, body type, personality and lifestyle (based on your job and your location)
A curated and bespoke experience to ensure not only an upgraded wardrobe but upgrade your life
Receive a comprehensive post-shop guide which will help you coordinate and mix and match your newly purchased clothes
Learn how to budget and never overspend or overbuy again
Become an expert on quality vs quantity, learn about fabrics and the best places to shop
Personalized in-depth critique of your grooming and recommendations on the right hairstyle
Understanding and awareness of body language and communication
Polished etiquette and social skills – learn how to work a room and get people eager to approach you
Make the impression you want and communicate the message you desire
Dress with purpose
Exude confidence and assertiveness to achieve success in all areas of life
Gain a competitive edge
Feel amazing and get noticed