Virtual Coaching Services

Have all those pressing questions answered directly by a professional, learn the details of great style. Personalized in-depth critique and recommendations on the right hairstyle…

one-on-one coaching services

Begins with an overview of your personal style goals, an in-depth questionnaire and image evaluation What you will get from the one-on-one services…

Individual Services

That’s what we do best here at Bespoke & Bourbon. We’ll discuss your wants and desires and book an appointment to get you closer at being an extraordinarily better version of you…

Style Services

Had enough of being average? Or maybe you want to bring your A game?

Whether you struggle in social settings or have trouble figuring out your style, we know you’re a guy who wants to take your life to the next level. Then perhaps enlisting the help of an Image Consultant might be exactly what you need.

You know you have wit, your sharp and can be debonaire, but you need the help to put that in motion.

If it’s a personal stylist or publicist that you need, with a little finesse the plan is always to leave you looking sharp and maintain that competitive edge.

Each consulting service is designed to fit your needs.

Whether you’re in Toronto, Hong, Spain or Los Angeles and find yourself stuck in a rut, need a little advice or a lot – the Virtual Services can provide the right amount of mentorship for your given situation.

The 1:1 Services is a unique and unmatched experience that will get you personalized image coaching that will change your life forever.

Heck, if nothing here really suits your fancy, then head over to the Individual Services so we can create a Bespoke package just for you.