5 Common Hair Mistakes Guys Make

5 Common Hair Mistakes Guys Make

If you’re here, your goal is to look sharp. Yet, constantly being blasted with changing hair trends, new styling products, and unruly cowlicks, can make it tricky to pull it all together. Plus, most guys don’t like fretting over their hair every morning, wasting precious hours which could be better spent catching up on the latest sports news.

It can be easy to avoid a total grooming routine, but rather than dismiss the little but most important steps, take a few minutes before you leave the house to correct these common mistakes.

Truth be told, the result could be drastic. From the scent that lingers in your hair or beard to the finest details in your grooming checkup, could leave you looking on-point.

In short, you want the effortless mane of Russell Brand without being an over-the-top metro. We get it. Fortunately, it’s possible—simply avoid making these 5 common hair mistakes to lock down a look that’s flattering and fresh.


Messy Beards

Inspired by the rural culture, the beard trend allows guys to be stylishly grungy and masculine all at the same time. The only problem is that most guys get this concept completely wrong, mistaking a wild mop of hair as fashionable. Keep in mind that there’s a very thin line between keeping your hair ruggedly handsome and passing for a homeless GQ model reject—and sadly, many of you guys are blurring the two!

To ensure your style remains intact, you can consider seeing your stylist to discuss how you can maintain the texture and shape of your beard. Better yet, for a quick fix, try a beard balm to keep an unruly mane tame, moisturized and incredibly fresh.




Growing hair long  

Long hair isn’t for everyone. Many guys grow their hair out, hoping to capture that elusive high fashion meets “I’m too cool to care” vibe. The reality is that very few guys have the strong bone structure needed to suit long hair or at least the style and cut that shapes your face.

This aside, if you’re still absolutely stuck on growing out your hair, at least make sure to keep it properly groomed and clean. Always remember that a good wash and regular trims will keep your hair from looking grubby.




Unkempt Eye Brows

Whoever said that eyebrow grooming is only for pretty boys?  Every self-respecting man must keep his eyebrows in check. Think of your brow shape as a key part of styling—for any guy, any occasion. While you never want to completely shape them, not cleaning up bushy eyebrows can hide your eyes. The key is to get rid of the extra few hairs which crowd that gorgeous face of yours. Male or female, brows have a serious impact on how “fresh” your face can look.

The remedy is simple—visit your local beautician twice a month to tidy up those creepy caterpillars if you’re not sure how to go about it or invest in one product that will keep them intact!



Hair Over the Ears

Incredibly easy to avoid—makes all the difference. Call it picky? Or prickly? The extra straggling hairs over your ears reduces the sharpness of your appearance, dropping you down a few notches on the impressiveness scale. You might also start showing some likeness to Einstein, which is cool if you dig that whole crazy mastermind sex appeal—weird.

To avoid all the madness, it’s best you take a minute every few days to manage your hair growth in this area. It’s worth your time. Keeping a manicure set with you in your car or messenger bag will help take care of any minor grooming situation, most importantly, this one.



Overusing styling products

Hair should seem naturally styled, not stiff like plastic. When you glob on too many different products, your hair becomes too slick and smells like a chemical factory. It also looses its feel-good texture, a total buzz-kill for any women who loves running her fingers through a man’s hair.

This problem can be easily prevented by using the right styling products. If your hair needs more hold and control, don’t over do it– instead, just choose a light spray or light-weight balm to create a well-groomed easy to manage finish.




If you haven’t quite figured out how to achieve the look you want or if you’d like to discover more ways you can improve your grooming or style, head over to the Image Consulting Services page for that little bit of guidance. Don’t settle for mediocrity, prepare for first-class grooming that will give you a boost of confidence and an extra kick in your step. You know you want to strut it!


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