10 Ways Traveling Will Make You a Better Man

10 Ways Traveling Will Make You a Better Man

From the moment I stepped onto white sandy beaches with the sun relentlessly penetrating through my pores, there was no turning back. This pivotal moment in my life made me see that travel and viewing what the world has to offer in all its glory was fundamental to a rich and meaningful existence.

It wasn’t just about the beach, the sun and the endless drinks and burritos I could consume. It was about understanding that the world is so big and beautiful. It’s filled with people, cultures and places one literally dreams of. I know that exploring and learning new ways of life, is essential to my happiness.

I feel even though I’m “home”, my heart is always elsewhere. I can’t escape it.



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I’ve been plagued with the world’s beauty only to come back and want more. You and I both know this is only human nature. To want, desire and thrive to be more, better and to feel satiated with what we can have in this world.

Ironically, traveling has made me understand how to live with less. To instead appreciate and collect moments, experiences and memories.

Most importantly it has made me get out of my own way, provided more knowledge than any textbook, respect others viewpoint, cultures, and traditions. It has made me who I am.

It taught me, guided me and forced me to see myself and to transform and break ugly habits. My journeys have been empowering, to say the least, whether they were blissful or sometimes terrifying. I would never take them back. Life and what this world provides is abundant, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Gentlemen, it is not only essential to travel and find yourself, but it is imperative.

Traveling humbles you, builds thicker skin, opens your eyes and makes you more tolerant contrary to the status quo. It instills romance and a deep respect for women, who are daughters who  later become wives and then mothers. It forces you to express what you wouldn’t normally express due to strict social standards and expectations of your home country.



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Here are 10 Reasons Why Traveling Will Make You a Better Man

  1. Just like chocolate, sex, and laughter, traveling and the thrilling experience of new adventures can releases endorphins, in turn, resulting in less stress
  2. Facing unexpected challenges makes you stronger, mentally physically and emotionally
  3. Humbles you and exposes you to a new reality
  4. Reverses ignorance and pre-existing prejudices
  5. Makes you smarter, and who doesn’t want that
  6. Compels you to be more assertive
  7. Ignites the need for human connection, bringing you closer to the people you love back home. Twitter? What’s that?
  8. Personal growth, development, and self-reflection
  9. Discover new skills and talents and spark inspiration you can translate into business and daily life
  10. Enhances your problem-solving skills and gain respect in the process



Happy Travels.


Photo Credit Source: (Gordon Rush)

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