"From Dud to Dapper"

An Image Consultant will help enhance your current image related to fashion and style, behaviour and communication resulting in higher self confidence and upgraded social and professional standing.


“As I sit and write this, I realized. I woke up this morning and endeavoured to put a little more towards my appearance. I upgraded my outfit and grooming routine. I sat here and thought that if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have received the attention I did today; compliments, curious stares and positive energy. It feels good. To be noticed. When I don’t put the effort I usually feel like I have blended in with the crowd. While there is nothing wrong with throwing on slacks and a grunge t-shirt once in a while, I feel that no matter what I put on there is always some edge to it and it works.”

A fabulous and iconic woman once said..

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. -Miuccia Prada

Your image and appearance is also instant language. The way we socialize, act and otherwise dress has an impact in the way we’re perceived by others. When you put forth the effort and invest time in yourself, small changes make big differences. While some may not be aware, changes to the way you select your clothing, to the awareness of your posture, walk, mannerisms and attitude can be life altering. This is a fact.

Most times, my conversations with men are always about how they can improve. To be specific, a lot of the times, the advice men come to me for is about how to choose the right pieces of clothing in addition to— quality vs. quantity, grooming choices based on both what is current and what fits for their particular image style. I see so much potential in the men I know to the men I don’t and wish they knew that the little things could transform their overall appearance.

There are times I am met with resistance because of the simple belief that they might have to change who they are and become someone they’re not.

What some gents neglect to see is one key principle.

In order to be who you want to become you must build and optimize who you are already are.

Yes in today’s world…image counts. But image is self expression and should always be fun.

The fun lies in the creating, discovering and improving. The sheer fact that we have the ability to ignite all senses and draw others in our world is what’s exciting.

The impressions you make go a long way and no matter what we do, people react, judge and make snap, unfair decisions based on how we look and behave in social, personal or professional situations. I can hear a lot of men right now saying “I don’t care what people think.” Well that conviction is great and also attractive, but let’s take the superficial out of it for one moment. Do you sometimes want to see dramatic changes in your life but are just not quite sure which area needs improvement?

Whether your just a guy who wants to look better, a celebrity, politician or ready for the business world anyone can enlist the help of an Image Consultant. To sharpen your edges and set you ahead of the competition.

Can you Envision A Better You?

This site is for the up and coming gentleman. What I mean by that is, I see so many men struggle to find their own unique style, their either not happy with how they look or are in an in-between phase of trying to find what works for them rebelling against a walking cookie cutter image of a GQ spread.

The pressure nowadays of becoming a distinguished “gentleman” has made it overwhelmingly complicates ated for men to choose what to wear, how to act or even which cologne or grooming choices repel or make you irresistibly desirable? Whether your clueless and need a complete overhaul or simply a little direction, I want to Bespoke and Bourbon to become an instrumental part of your successes and onto a path of becoming effortlessly sexy! You know you have it in you, you just need a nudge to get there. Let’s talk. Let B & B be your coach.

It’s not just about image, it’s about becoming the best man you can be. Graduate from boyhood, to distinguished and dapper.


No matter where you are in your life…

Do you want to gain a competitive edge in all areas to get to the next level?
Do you want to have ever lasting self confidence and assurance?
Do you want to be respected, heard and taken seriously?
Do you want to just bring out the handsome self you know you are?

While so many influential and prominent people such as politicians, celebrities and CEO’s to name a few have expert advisors guiding their every career move, just about anyone not just the wealthy can benefit from the advice of an image consultant.

The Diamond Effect: A four-pronged approach





The Diamond Effect is a four pronged approach that describes the most important aspects of ones appearance and overall image that should always be give attention to; style and fashion, grooming choices, behaviour, mannerisms, and etiquette and communication in respects to social, personal and professional settings.

When it comes to one’s own personal image, some may pay particular attention to one, all or just a few. It is my knowledge and expertise that concludes that in order to get the right attention you deserve from the masses of people we come in contact with daily, you must be able to brush up on all of these key areas for self improvement. You can find further detail later on in the blog section.

Who You Can BEcome

We know you want to gain control of your personal and professional image. With the four pronged diamond approach, I can help men look and feel their best, the rest is up to you! Whatever you may be looking to accomplish, you’ll know how to do it with grace, look good and still present yourself to the world as a man with class.

Bespoke and Bourbon is designed for the average man who seeks to be his own
powerhouse gentleman. Were here to help you save time, money and effort by creating timeless looks and cultivate a better you.

Style and fashion is versatile and therefore we want to help you build on a classic, timeless style, coupled with the right grooming choices, attitude and behaviour that aligns and speaks to your own personality. The point is not to conform, feel rigid and assimilate yourself to what everyone is doing, it is about taking what you already own and making it great! Begin to enhance and manage your life to gain the respect you know you deserve.

Minimize the headaches and hassle of repeatedly questioning your appearance and transform your world. Its time you start becoming who you really want to be and make others TAKE NOTICE!